Music Lessons for Little Ones

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The Fun Music Room at Devos Academy


FREE TRIAL SESSION ! Call us now to schedule your free trial session at 305-842-4260 or contact us by email at

The free trial lesson is 30 minutes long. The trial lesson is without further obligation of purchase, and allows the student to see if he/she likes the lesson and the teacher !

IMPORTANT INFO : If a customer does not attend to his/her free trial lesson, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance. In that case we will be more than happy to reprogram the free trial lesson on an other date. Without a 24 hours notice of cancellation, the rescheduled trial lesson will no longer be free and it will cost $35 for 30 minutes.

After Registration :
PRIVATE LESSONS 1 month (4 sessions/30min.) : $140


Duration : 30min.  From 3 to 4 years old – Private lessons only

Each young child is potentially able to develop a musical activity spontaneously. Our Devos Music Initiation Program enable the little ones to acquire real skills, while playing, in order to create his/her own musical identity.


Our “Music for Little ones” Program is centred on 6 major musical themes:

– Melody: singing, discovery of piano, high pitched notes, low pitched notes…

– Training of the musical ear: recognize the musical notes’ height, instruments, and express dynamics on instruments and songs. Sing notes played on the piano and with musical bells.

– Rhythm: rhythm clapped and stepped, and synchronization with hands/foot/lyrics.

– Playful Introduction to music theory: drawing/writing of notes, rhythms, instruments, treble clef… Reading and recognition of music notes, rhythms…

– Introduction to the instruments: wind instruments, string instruments, percussions, piano… How to blow into a trumpet, a harmonica, a bugle… Try to play the violin, the clarinet…

– Encouragement of children’s expressions: work on improvisations, oral and singing expression, body expression, musical creativity.

…while always having a great time!

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What does scientific research say about Art Initiation to young children?

Several studies have shown that Painting-Drawing and Music Initiation for little ones helps release the creative parts of the children’s brain, while improving their social skills. It has also prove that children participating in an arts program to have better reading and writing skills, as well as mathematics.








30min. private piano lesson – 4 lessons (1month) : $140
45min. private piano lesson – 4 lessons (1 month) : $210

1hour. private piano lesson – 4 lessons (1 month) : $280


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