Teach your child how to draw, write and read music in a fun way !

The Devos Academy Teaching System is a playful approach to understanding notes and musical symbols for children 4- 6 yrs old. It includes : notes reading games, notes and rhythms drawings, matching games, bright colors on all pages, and much more ! In this book the kid participates to each game by drawing/writing/clapping/singing/coloring. Engaging method that gives great results :


A world from the author :

“My approach to teaching young children, primarily under the age of seven, is to learn music through games and distinct practices. I formulated this book to teach children to read music without feeling as if they are studying; with enthusiasm during the lesson, not only while the child is in the classroom, but also if they are practicing at home. My greatest joy is to watch a child smile, enjoying the process of learning music. In my book, I have outlined my methodology; specifically utilizing unique fun games, playful drawings, and bold colors, which I have designed and found creates a dynamic universe of learning” – Meryll Devos.